Friday, August 2, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 6 "The Endless Thirst"

So last week, the missile failed to destroy the dome and the people of Chester's Mill are feeling pretty down and out.  One of Norrie's moms, Alice, is out of insulin and she's starting to get a little loopy.  In her diabetic haze, she stumbles into the street, directly in the path of a delivery truck. (Scream King wonders who is getting appliances delivered at this time)  The truck swerves into the water tower, basically pouring out the town's entire water supply onto the ground.  Oooops.

The townspeople are trying to wait quietly and calmly in line at the grocery store, but things are getting tense since the owner is no longer accepting cash.  Only batteries and propane.  And as you can guess, both of these things are also running a bit low.  The residents storm the store and begin looting, while the very meager police force attempts to calm things down.  Also, although I'm finding the whole character extra sexy, Barbie seems to really enjoy beating on people.  More to come on that I guess.

Since the water source (some lake/reservoir) is totally polluted, Big Jim goes in search of an alternative plan.  He knows that Wally, a crotchety old resident, has a well on his property.  But he's not going to just give away that water for FREE.  He wants propane, and of course Big Jim has some extra.  Deal made.  Julia and Dodee are traipsing about with some sort of tracking contraption, trying to find the source of the high pitched noise/possible transmission.

Meanwhile, rocket scientist Angie finds safe haven in Sweetbriar Rose, the town diner.  However, another threat is looming.  Two guys break in with the intention of stealing the meat from the freezer.  They kill Rose and knock Angie unconscious.  Outside of the grocery store, everyone is going totally bananas...until it starts to rain.  This calms all the violence because everyone is like holy crap it rains in here.  It's quickly determined that the dome is becoming its own mini ecosystem.  However, Julia thinks it's communicating with them, since it "protected" them from the missile, and provided rain just when they were worrying about water.

Norrie steals medical records and goes running around town to steal insulin for her mom.  She finally steals just one dose from a child, hoping it will prolong her mom's life a bit.  Big Jim, frustrated with his son's asinine behavior, sits Angie down and promises to control Junior and take care of her and her brother.  Barbie and Julia finally kiss IN THE RAIN and ahhhhhhh I love these two together.  But mostly him because he's so sexy.  Until next week!