Sunday, May 19, 2013

Disturbing Behavior (1998)

Let's set the scene.  It's 1998.  Scream Queen is 15.  Dawson's Creek is the JAM. The Faculty was just released.  American Pie and Varsity Blues will be come out next year.  And all we want is to see is movies about other angsty teenagers because OMFG they understand what we're going through.  When the makeout scene in this movie opened up with The Fly's "Got You Where I Want You," I was just instantly transported back to my room, with the radio permanently on the alt-rock station, and 90s band posters on my wall.

I love how the cafeteria scene in this flick is so reminiscent of Heathers and Gavin (Nick Stahl) is so vaguely Christian Slater.  Steve (James Mardsen) is the "new kid" and he's noticing that something is a little strange about his new hometown.  It seems like there might be teenage cyborgs residing there, no big deal.

Can we just appreciate for one moment how smoking hot Katie Holmes was back in the day?  I've been told that she's my celebrity look-alike, and while that was embarrassing during her foray with Tom Cruise, you can't say she wasn't beautiful before all the crazy and super-skinniness.

So basically in Cradle Bay, there are different cliques and such, but most notably a "Blue Ribbon" group, who are very perfect and hang out at the yogurt shop and conduct bake sales.  Apparently these people used to be stoners and partiers, but have been molded into robot-like prepsters who do no wrong...well, except maybe killing another co-ed.  OOOOPPPSS.

So basically there is a doctor who is doing brain surgery on teenagers that are basically just acting like teenagers.  But they need to be perfect, you know.  The surgery makes them "perfect" but sometimes they just go crazy, or maybe try to have sex with a hot guy but then just bash their heads into a mirror nonstop.  Brain surgery on teenagers is just never a good plan.

And let us not forget William Sadler as the crazy custodian, hell bent on saving the students from brainwashing.  We get a somewhat dramatic late-90s ending with a cliffhanger that opens the door to Disturbing Behavior 2, which was never actually made.