Monday, May 27, 2013

Child's Play 2 (1990)

Poor little Andy.  After his doll Chucky commits a bunch of murders that he and his mother miraculously survive, he is on his own.  Since his mother has vehemently stuck to the "killer doll" story, she is committed to a mental institution and Andy is off to foster care.  Meanwhile, the Good Guys company is struggling with the backlash of one of their dolls being seemingly responsible for death and destruction, as well as claiming to be the Lakeshore Strangler.  They think it's as simple as the voice track being tampered with, so they rebuild the Chucky doll to try and find out what's wrong.  This, of course, reanimates Chucky, and he's off to find Andy at his new foster home.

Andy is trying to assimilate to his new home with his foster parents, and "sister" Kyle.  But that's going to be hard to do since Chucky is racing against time to escape the doll body and enter Andy's.  Andy tries to warn everyone about the dangerous Chucky, but as usual, no one listens and murder ensues. Of course, now the soul of Charles Lee Ray has resided in the doll body for quite some time, and it may be too late to transfer.  Is Chucky stuck as a doll forevvverrr?!?

This is a fun sequel, and even though they cut the cliffhanger ending that left it open for the next installment, we all know that several more got made after this.  Nothing too groundbreaking here, but I never can get enough of Chucky's one-liners and hilarious faces.  And Alex Vincent is just too damn cute.  This flick opened #1 at the box office back in 1990, and it's available on Netflix instant.