Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Descent Part 2 (2009)

I mean, who didn't love The Descent?  Awesome concept, great execution, all-around badass movie.  As with many horror movies these days, it was left open for a sequel at the end with (SPOILER!) one girl (Sarah) escaping and leaving her maybe-alive, husband-banging friend (Juno) behind. 

When Sarah escapes and is taken in by authorities, she's finding it hard to explain why she doesn't remember anything about the last few days, and is covered in her friend's blood.  Meanwhile, rescue teams are searching the surrounding caves, to no avail, and desperately need Sarah to help them locate her missing friends.  The Sheriff's theory seems to be that Sarah killed all her friends in the cave and is now kinda losing her shit.

In an attempt to "jog her memory," they have Sarah join the rescue team at an old mine entrance that a dog has sniffed out.  She stills remembers nothing, so is pretty freaked out to start traipsing around in a cave again.  She sees a "crawler" but the other members of the team think she's just paranoid.  They push on, but predictably get separated, and the crawlers begin to close in.  No one seems to be listening to Sarah about the fact that they can HEAR but NOT SEE, and they all keep screaming as loudly as possible whenever they get the chance.

Much like Part 1, it then becomes a fight against the creatures, although this time we get treated to a rat climbing out of someone's mouth, and also a crawler pooping on two poor girls that are also apparently swimming in poop.  Yum.  The ending once again leaves it open for a Descent 3, which was never in the works as far as I can tell.

This flick was okay, but doesn't even come close to the creativity, action, and creepiness of the original movie.  Of course, that awesomeness isn't available on Netflix instant, but this is.  That seems to be Netflix's new jam...making random sequels available for instant watching, but never featuring the original/better movies.