Sunday, February 3, 2013

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

I feel like it's a really fun fact to know that Paul Rudd's big screen debut was in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, also known as Halloween 6 and Halloween 666.  But instead of being known for the premiere of Paul Rudd's sexiness (he would follow this movie up with the much-more-popular Clueless) the sixth installment of the Halloween franchise was plagued with reshoots, horrible editing, and everyone hating everyone by the end of the production.

The first crappy decision I noticed about this movie is that someone else is playing THE Jamie Lloyd, not Danielle Harris.  Apparently they refused to pay her the $5K she asked for the movie, so they replaced her with J.C. Brandy.  NOT COOL.  Basically, it's several years after Jamie Lloyd's disappearance with Michael, and she has been impregnated, and is giving birth in some sketchy basement.  She attempts escape, running to a bus station and calling a local radio station (?!?!) begging Doctor Loomis for help.  Hmmm, a deserted bus station...probably not the best place to be safe from Michael Myers. Anddd, adios Jamie.  If you were Danielle Harris, maybe you would have lived.

Meanwhile, a new family has moved into the old Myers house.  Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd!), the kid that Laurie babysat in the original Halloween, is living across the street, and is a little crazypants.  He is convinced that Michael still walks the earth, and is quite excited when he hears Jamie Lloyd on the radio.  This compels him to track her to the bus station, where apparently no one has noticed that there is BLOOD EVERYWHERE, and a baby in a closet in the bathroom.  No worries, though, because Tommy will just take care of the baby.

The woman that lives in the Myers house with her mean parents is Kara, and she has a creepy kid named Daniel.  When her mom finds out that they are living in the Myers house so close to Halloween, she flips and moves out.  The dad just gets drunk.  Kara takes her kid and holes up with Tommy.  Dr. Loomis tries to help, but his involvement is a bit choppy.  Apparently much of this is due to the fact that the director of this installment found Donald Pleasance's scenes "boring" and cut a lot of them.

Surrounding this story is a druid-like cult, who are apparently somehow involved with Michael Myers, and some associated children.  They also perform surgeries.  The cult part really confused me and I was having a hard time keeping track with what was going on with that.  The standard Michael-stalking-and-people-dying ensues, and we're set up for another sequel, because, come on, we can't wrap up the Halloween franchise without the return of Jamie Lee, and the addition of Tyra Banks and LL Cool J.