Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

Well, in case you haven't seen the internet or a television lately, it's been a pretty crazy week on the east coast.  I was spared from any direct damage from Hurricane Sandy, but things were pretty much shut down here in the Big Apple.  I'm happy to see so many people volunteering in all the boroughs, and Scream King and I took some of the money we would have spent at the bar today and went and donated a bunch of toiletries.

So the side effect of all this craziness is that I'm slightly behind on my Walking Dead recaps.  Sorry.  But better late than never, and let's get to episode three, which told us absolutely nothing about what's going on in the prison, which made me a little sad.  Not that I don't care about Andrea, but I don't think a quick check in would have hurt.  But here we go.

We've got a helicopter and some army dudes about to go splat.  Andrea and Michonne view the crash from afar.  I just adore how those zombie carry their bags.  A bunch of guys in trucks pull up to check on the crash.  I feel bad but I sort of forgot Andrea was kind of dying.  She wants to show themselves and get some medical treatment and maybe some of these cute boys.  Michonne says no like always.  Until her pet zombies start making a bit of a scene.  Then she kills them like NBD!

Holy crap, Merle is freakin' back!!  He has some sort of bionic bayonet arm!  SWEET.  Michonne and Andrea get blindfolded and put in some sort of transportation.  They are in a nice place, where Andrea is getting medication, but they want out.  Merle enters, and he and Andrea do a little catching up.  They meet the "governor" and it turns out there's this whole little town here.  They can have a room, fresh clothes, food, and a shower.  What is the freakin' catch I wonder?

Why does this guy want more people in the community?  Like he's going out and seeking them out?  Wouldn't he want to stretch their resources?  We find out that this community is surrounded by barriers and armed guards, and they haven't been breached in a month.  There's a strict curfew, with no one allowed out after dark.  Some nerd in the lab is studying Michonne's zombies.  Since she hacked off their jaws, they've lost interest in eating, yet are slowly starving to death.  He wants to talk to Michonne.  The governor doesn't think that's such a hot idea.

Andrea seems to be settling in well enough, and I'm wondering if she's thinking sleeping with the governor dude might be to her advantage.  Michonne sounds like a broken record: "We want our weapons back!"  Who cares if this is some sort of crazy up for a few days, ladies!

"My shit never stopped being together."

WTF?  Governor took those army guys out for no apparent reason.  What is his motivation?  Andrea asks the Governor his real name and he won't give it.  He says he has a lot of long days at work.  Apparently after his long days, he likes to sit with an adult beverage in a room full of floating zombie heads!  I just prefer Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but to each their own.  One of the heads is the pilot that they were "trying so hard to save."  WTF?!  Until Sunday night!