Thursday, November 8, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum: Episode 4

I keep seeing things creeping up on twitter and the web about AHS jumping the shark.  I really don't want this season to fail, but I am really having a hard time loving it as much as last season.  One of the things that's really bothering me is that there are SO many freakin' characters, and I feel like we barely get to see them develop before they bring in another character.  I'm just having a hard time connecting with anyone, or really feeling anything for them.  I really can barely keep track of their names at this moment.

A new patient arrives (shocker).  This one is claiming to be none other than Anne Frank.  And hey, she recognizes Dr. Arden!  Because he was a Nazi at Auschwitz when she was there.  Sister Jude argues that Anne Frank was never at Auschwitz, and died in the attic.  "Anne" is all, bitch please.  I know where I was at.  Sister Jude decides to take this opportunity to try and get Dr. Arden out of her life.  But of course everyone already knows she hates him, so it only makes sense that she would spin a tale of him being a Nazi war criminal.

Meanwhile, Kit and Grace are getting hot and heavy.  She tells him her story.  Which is completely untrue.  She actually murdered her family with an axe.  Oooops.  They bang in the bakery, but are subsequently caught.  Those two have a hard time staying out of trouble.

Dr. Thredson has decided that he is going to get Lana out of the hospital, as he believes she is not crazy.  A bizarre therapy session takes place.  The doctor shows her images of women while feeding her this medication to make her throw up.  Aversion therapy apparently.  Then he brings in a dude and tries to make her happy by touching him.  She barfs instead.  He decides maybe aversion therapy isn't right for her, and he hooks her up with a sexy pic of her ladyfriend.

Dr. Arden and the Monsignor are apparently working together.  Ooops.  So much for Sister Jude's sexy thoughts about dear Timothy.  The police suspect Dr. Arden in the attack on the prostitute.  They also find Nazi memorabilia in his house.  Double oooops.  "Anne" swipes a gun and attacks Dr. Arden.  She demands he open a locked door.  Ahhhh!  It's Shelley and she looks SCARY.  She's no longer the hottest piece at the asylum.  Sad.

We got no check in on Maroon 5 and his weird wife this week, but I'm thinking they're probably dead.  Also, nothing too new on Sister Mary Eunice, except she chooses a large riding crop for the beating of Grace and Kit.  Because no one should be allowed to make "murder-babies."  Not even in the asylum.  Until next week!