Monday, November 12, 2012

Grimm Love (2006)

Felicity in a horror movie?  Okay.  A German horror movie of all things.  Grimm Love is based on a true story of a cannibal in Germany.  Armin Meiwes was a person who wanted to eat somebody.  And where better to find a person who wants to be eaten than via the internet?  He was ultimately caught and served 8 years in prison for manslaughter.

This movie seems to follow the story pretty closely.  Graduate student Katie Armstrong (Keri Russell) is studying notorious cannibal Oliver Hartwin.  The path of the movie is pretty much a series of flashbacks as she goes to different areas of his life.  Oliver has always been obsessed with cannibalism, and his eventual victim has always been infatuated with having his penis bitten off, sharing in the eating of said penis, and then having someone eat his body.  Normal fantasies, right?

As Katie continues to investigate the background of the case, she becomes more and more entrenched in the strange online world of cannibals.  We get the background story of how Oliver prepared his "slaughter room" and eventually nabbed his (willing) victim.  Katie learns that there was a videotape made of the incident, and she becomes focused on getting ahold of the tape, but once she does, sobs while watching it.

This was certainly an odd movie, but it followed a very strange true story.  There are lots of penises -- a guy begging to have his penis bitten off, people eating penises, and even a guy making a body-shaped cake with an erect penis, and eating the penis.  Penis, penis, penis.  No vaginas.  Story moved a little slow at times, but hey, cannibalism!  I wouldn't go googling cannibal websites anytime soon though.  Methinks someone is watching that sort of online activity.