Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)

OMG, y'all.  You know that crazypants hottie from American Horror Story?  Kate Mara, sister of Rooney Mara and granddaughter of Wellington Mara, former owner of the NY Giants?!  Well she had to get her start somewhere and it looks like she signed on for a straight to video sequel of Urban Legend.

We all know the legend of Bloody Mary, right?  Well I mean it's not too specific, right?  You stand in the dark in front of the mirror and say "bloody mary" a few times, and something appears.  Right?  I've always been too scared to try it.  This movie is a little bit of a different take on the "legend."  The Mary in this case is from the 1969 prom at a nearby high school.  She and her friends attend the prom with a bunch of jocks who drug the girls' punch so they can get lucky.  But Mary doesn't drink it, and she sees her friends passing out as they're loaded into the car by the horny football stars.  One of the guys chases her back inside, and during a confrontation about the drugging, he kills her, and hides her body, which is never found.

30 some-odd years later, Samantha (Kate Mara) and her friends are having issues with football players too.  Samantha wrote a degrading article for the school paper, and now none of the girls got asked to prom.  No big loss, ladies.  Prom is so lame.  They have a little slumber party, and chant "bloody mary" as a joke, and in the morning, the girls are gone.  They turn up hours later, the victims of a drugging prank by the spurned jocks. 

Prank aside, the girls have awoken the spirit of Mary Banner.  And she is PISSED.  She wants to seek revenge on pretty much everyone, and in a variety of interesting ways.  Death by tanning bed, ripped apart by spiders, electrocuted through the penis, you get the drift.  Meanwhile Sam and her brother David (Robert Vito) are committed to getting to the bottom of things before there are more deaths.

The twist was a little odd, and the Sam/David's "helper" (the survivor of the 1969 incident) added nothing to the story.  But overall, this wasn't a horrible movie, and it had some pretty cool death scenes.  The constant playing of the old prom song got old real fast, but that kind of thing bugs me in any movie.  Of course we can't expect any sequel to top the awesomeness of psycho Rebecca Gayheart in Urban Legend but this one isn't a throwaway either.  Also, I really like Kate Mara.  And now I miss AHS.  Boooo.