Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Burning (1981)

How have I never seen The Burning? The guy who plays Cropsey is a frequent convention attender, as am I.   I had to actually check if this was before Terror Train or after, since they seem to have a similar concept.  It's after, although I'm not accusing of any copying ;)

So some guys played a prank at a summer camp, resulting in the caretaker getting horribly burned and spending quite some time in the hospital.  He gets out, immediately grabs a hooker, and slices her up with some scissors.  Oooops.  Then he's back to camp.  There's a bunch of super-douches there, including George Costanza from Seinfeld.  LoL.

As part of my marriage, and my agreed love for horror movies, I am required to notify my husband each time boobs are present in a horror movie.  I called him for these, yet warned him that they were small and infrequent.  Soooo, warning to the male readers of this blog.  So once Cropsy is back and armed with garden shears, the counselors don't have too much of a chance.  Once one disappears, the others go searching and get met with Cropsy himself.  Ooooops.

The rest continues as a typical slasher.  Everyone tries to find everyone else, or get away, but they keep running into Cropsy and getting stabbed.  So annoying.  They somehow find a mine shaft (??)  and run into problems there.  This movie obviously came out at the height of 80s slasher flicks, and while you can find worse, you could find better as well.

Fun fact.  This movie was shot near and around Buffalo, New York, where most people think I'm from when I say I'm from upstate NY.  I'm actually from about 6 hours from Buffalo, as it's Western NY, and has little to do (geography-wise) with Upstate.


Dave Enkosky said...

This might be my favorite slasher movie. Or at least one of my top ten.

Halloweenman666 said...

Just wanted to let you know I have an award for you over at HalloweenOverkill