Friday, December 2, 2011

Shuttle (2008)

Getting home from the airport is a pain.  When you live in Manhattan, there's no one to pick you up from the airport, and you have no car to leave in long-term parking.  You can pay a fortune for a cab, or take the subway or bus, which takes forever.  Lately, I've been thinking of trying one of those Super Shuttles that I see driving around midtown.  Perfect time to watch this movie, right?

Two girls (Mel and Jules) are returning from a vacation in Mexico.  They meet up with a couple of fratty-type guys (Matt and Seth) and they all end up taking a cheap shuttle together.  They also ride with a super-nervous accountant (Andy) who is mostly just a detriment to the situation.

Everything is going fine, with the young'uns flirting hardcore throughout the ride.  However, they soon notice that they are cruising through a crappy neighborhood nowhere near where they live.  The driver seems to have ulterior motives and doesn't seem to intend on taking anyone back to their homes.

He plays both mental and physical games, injuring the "stronger" of the group and manipulating others with threats and rules.  The ladies in this movie are actually pretty smart and not just bumbling topless idiots.  There's a twist midway through, which gets the ball rolling for a variety of other occurrences and subplots.

In the end, this movie was reminiscent of Live Animals and the end really made my skin crawl.  I'm a fairly claustrophobic person and the thought of that happening made me die a little inside.  There were some parts in this movie that were a bit slow-moving, but overall, it was a good flick.