Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dream Home (2010)

I just love that so many Asian movies feature women as the killer.  Girl power, bitches.  Dream Home is brought to us from Hong Kong, and features both horror and social commentary.  Cheung, the main character, has had a pretty difficult life.  Raised by poor parents in a tenement-like building with her younger brother.  Cheung's lifelong dream is to own a flat, while she watches buildings of family and friends knocked down to accommodate condos and high rises.

Cheung spends her entire working life saving for her dream home, even eschewing university to continue saving money for her own place.  When her mother dies, she is depressed to realize that she never was able to provide her mother with the home they both dreamed of.  She still has her father though, and while he is ill, she feels this is the perfect opportunity to take care of him.  However, she runs into yet another brick wall.  Her father lied about a prior hospitalization, and their insurance is null and void.  Boy, this girl has the worst luck.

She uses her own money for her father's surgery, and presses on to save for the flat.  Finally, she finds one that's perfect, albeit right at the top of her budget.  She goes for it, only for the sellers to pull out at the last minute, believing they can get more money.  Oh, really, thinks Cheung.  They can't get more money if the building is attacked by a mass murderer, now can they?

While maintaining an interesting affair with a married man, Cheung creatively kills several people that live in the building.  She has absolutely no remorse -- suffocating a pregnant woman, disemboweling a party boy, and driving a fucking stake through a drunk girl's face.  The death scenes are seriously awesome and to be commended.

I loved Cheung as the killer in this movie, although you'll never feel any sympathy for her vindictive ass.  She was sort of reminiscent of Bloody Reunion both in motivation and the sheer brutality of her killings.  Dream House was bad fucking ass, and it's available instant on Netflix.  Check it out.