Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1 FINALE

It's nine months earlier and Ben has found the murder house online.  He insists that they go look at it, ignoring the fact that Vivien doesn't really seem to want to put too much effort into the relationship.  Now it's current day, and post-messy birth, Ben goes searching the house for a now-missing Vivien.

Constance is watching over the new baby, and is quite reluctant to let him go back to the other house.  Ben, apparently really behind everyone else, finally realizes that Tate is Constance's son.  Moira is being more of a vindictive bitch than ever, and even claims to "not take orders from ghosts" when Vivien asks for tea.  LoL.  Vivien's sister is coming to pick up the little munchkin, while Ben plots to kill himself.  Vivien encourages him to take the baby and run, but we all know that no one's going to let him leave the house.  Well, at least alive.

The Ramos family is now viewing the house with that ridiculous realtor.  Their kid apparently thinks it's fine to skateboard around a house and it's clear that won't end well.  So, the Ramoses are moving in and Violet's hitting on their cutesy son, Gabe.  Tate is obviously furious.  The Ramos parents are planning on getting pregnant again, but the Harmons are intending to cockblock.

Tate watches Gabe sleep, and calls him out about his encounter with Violet.  History repeats itself as the Rubberman attacks Stacy and Miguel holds his hands over the kitchen burners.  Moira is back to her slutty maid routine, and Tate is out for blood.  So is Ben the Rubberman?  Too much happening.  They encourage the Ramoses to run.  Good plan.

Bye, bye Ramoses.  The ghosts have pretty much solved nothing, since it's obvious that another unsuspecting family will move in.  Ben and Tate have a confrontation, where Ben diagnoses Tate as a raging psychopath.  Tate cries as usual.  Ben applauds his crocodile tears, deeming him incapable of remorse.  Tate admits to his prior transgressions, of which there are many.

Nora has assumed possession of the formerly stillborn baby.  She's not proud of how her acquisition has turned out, as all the kid does is scream.  Is this Tate's kid?  Or Ben's?  I'm confused.  Nora thinks that Vivien is the nanny.  Ha.  Moira thinks she would have been a good mother if she "wasn't such a tramp."  It's Christmas at Murder House, right in time for the airing date!

Everyone is the happy family, while Hayden and Tate lurk in the shadows.  Three years later, Constance prances into the hair salon, telling tales of of her adopted son.  Oh okay, so Tate's son (Michael) is living with Constance, and Ben's (stillborn) son is living with the Harmons.   Constance waxes poetic about what a wonderful person she is.  Apparently her whole life has been a preparation to raise this devil child, who she believes to be "destined for greatness."  Doubtful.  Her hairstylist is as bored as me with her stupid speech. 

OMFG the last three minutes of this episode was SO AWESOME.  Like Gage Creed-style badass.  The creepy smile in the rocking chair.  Him waving the little bloody hand?!?!  Can't wait for next season!  Bring it on, American Horror Story!!


Anonymous said...

Ben’s death didn’t really surprise me, but the writers played a bit of a bait-and-switch on us. I thought at first that Ben was going to blow his brains out, but Vivien and Violet talked him out of it. Of course, leave it to the ghost of Kate to sabotage Ben’s plan to get out of the house by enlisting the help of the home invaders and hanging him from that gorgeous chandelier in the center-hall foyer. You see, I just finished this show yesterday at DISHOnline, it’s a place I can go to find new entertainment as well as catch up on old ones too. As a DISH Network customer and employee I have access to a ton of movies and TV shows that I can access anywhere I’m connected online. As far as American Horror Story goes, I really like it, and I can’t wait until next season.