Wednesday, December 14, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 11

It's 1984 and Tate is just a little dude.  He's already meeting some ghosts in the house, including mutant child Thaddeus.  In current day, he must tell Nora that he can't just give her Vivien's baby.  Nora thinks otherwise.

Ben wants Violet to see her mom.  Little does he know that she can't leave the house.  The gays are decorating the nursery with potato stencils.  Remember those?  LoL.  Constance calls their relationship an "abomination."  Chad says "so is that hairdo."  Mwahahaha.  Also, I want to start calling Tate Norman Bates Jr.  Anyway, they plan on stealing Vivien's babies and smothering them when they're at super-cute stage so they stay that way forever.  Totally healthy way of thinking.

One of Vivien's twins (I'm guessing Tate's baby) is pretty much absorbing the other one The Dark Half-style.  Still, she's getting on a plane to Florida.  Violet converses with the CraigsList psychic, who waxes poetic about Roanoke and such.  Yawn.  However, they learn a way to possibly banish some of the spirits of the house.  Hint, hint: not so successful. 

Meanwhile, Vivien is screaming bloody murder and going into labor.  She fuzzily remembers having Violet.  Dr. Montgomery assists with the birth. Constance is way overconcerned with her devil grandchild.  Ben and Vivien seem to be making some sort of reconnection.  I'm hoping the baby looks like Sloth.  Constance and Moira admire the baby, while Hayden enters with a "hey, bitches."  She's my new favorite person on this show.  As you remember, she wants the baby as well.  Maybe each person in the house can take a limb. 

The result of Tate's devil spawn doesn't bode so well for Vivien.  Which side will she choose?  Violet's or Ben's?  Violet confronts Tate about both his death and his intentions.  Oh, and also the mass school murder.  He cries again, which I'm starting to believe is all a farce.  I absolute love Violet's new badass attitude towards everyone, especially Tate.  He's getting more emo by the second, and I'd tell him to go away too.  Vivien arrives looking fresh as a daisy and as foxy as she looked on the first ep of this show! 

This ep was a little more whiny and emo than I would have hope for.  What's in store for next week?  The season finale!  Every wants that baby and they'll fight to the....death? for it.  I'm not sure what they can do to each other but someone's getting that devil spawn.  I'll be sad to see this season end!


sanchez said...

I can't believe how last Wednesday’s episode has ended. I had to work late at DISH so I wasn't able to watch it like everyone else. But no worries I used DISH Online to get caught up fairly quickly. I like how I can watch thousands of free TV shows and also my DVR events right on my PC. So even if I have a busy schedule I can still be caught up. I can’t wait for the season finale. I think Ben is Constance’s fourth child, just throwing that out there.