Monday, November 7, 2011

Somebody Help Me 2 (2010)

Was there really that much of a demand for a sequel after Somebody Help Me? The survivors of the first movie (Marques Houston and Omarion, naturally) are trying to get on with their lives.  Brendan (Marques Houston) is living happily with his wife and niece, while Darryl (Omarion) is working as a security guard, and has a pretty cute girlfriend himself.

Plagued by dreams of their incident in the woods, Brenden and Darryl fear a repeat performance.  Unfortunately, this is in the cards, as Brendan's wife Michelle and their niece TeeTee get kidnapped by, presumably, the same man who stalked them in the woods years back.  Meanwhile, Darryl's slutty girlfriend Jasmine takes this opportunity to try to break up Brendan's marriage as he grieves over the assumed kidnapping.

There's some sort of concurrent story about a girl named Samantha who is bleeding from the eyes and singing Ring Around the Rosy.   Um, okay.  There's also another guy captured there that we don't get much background on.  Everyone is tied up and doing lots of complaining and screaming.  There's lots of running around and trying to escape, and getting no signals from cell phones.  The killer from the original movie, Corbin, is back and Jasmine may not be who she seems.

There was clearly no reason for a sequel to Somebody Help Me, and this movie was predictably boring.   I feel that the producers were trying to make an African-American based Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise, but unfortunately the formula is just not working.  Sorry, guys.