Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Halloween 5 aka when Michael Learns to Use Farm Equipment.  It's a year after the events of Halloween 4 and Jamie is mute and confined at the Haddonfield Children's Hospital.  Why do these people continue to live in Haddonfield?  Like seriously this town is totally cursed, and is absolutely the only place that Michael Myers ever visits.  I mean, seriously, retire in Boca or something.  Five movies later, this shit is ridiculous.

Jamie is still cute as a button, but doesn't talk anymore after her ordeal.  She writes on stuff, draws crazy pictures, and signs frantically.  She's sort of psychic now, and is supernaturally connected to Michael, feeling when something is going to happen involving him.  Michael, of course, survived the last attempts to kill him, and floated down a river, resting up for a year in preparation for his return home.  It's Halloween, and while the teenagers prepare to party, Jamie predicts nothing but death and dismemberment.  Dr. Loomis is involved as usual, and is creepier than ever in this movie.  He's not only spouting messages of doomed regarding his failed patient, but pretty much assaults a child for information about him.  

As the party people take off for a farm for drinking and sexytime, Michael is not far behind.  The bumbling police force does nothing to help, instead being faced with the business end of a pitchfork.  As is typically the formula with Halloween movies, Michael robotically stalks the helpless town of Haddonfield, picking off the residents one by one.  Someone always tries to save the day, and in this case it's precious little Jamie Lloyd, who makes my horror heart melt when she yells, "Uncle!"

Halloween 5 is definitely a downgrade from 4 but still has the bloody kills and standard plot that we have come to expect from a good old Halloween movie.  This franchise has probably overstayed its welcome several times, but we still keep on watching 'em, don't we?


James Gracey said...

This is one of my least favourite Halloween films. It is pretty dull - though not quite as bad as Halloween: Resurrection. I think of all the big slasher series' from the Eighties - this one really went down in quality with every installment. Except part 7 (Halloween H20) - at least with Laurie Strode back in the story something fresh and interesting was injected back into the series.