Saturday, November 19, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 7

Well, well, things are certainly starting to come together on American Horror Story.  Vivien is worried about her baby....oooopppsss I mean babies!  She's having twins!  Violet is all emo and dreary and cutting herself since she learned that Tate is a ghost.  She's apparently taking it in stride though that he's a mass murderer, and continues to hang out with him.

Meanwhile, Larry (aka Krueger Jr.) is skulking around more than usual.  Why?  Oh, because he's in love with Constance.  He was leaving his wife for her when the whole unfortunate fire thing happened.  Now he's trying to buy the house with non-existent money, so that they can live happily ever after.  Constance is having none of it though.  Why would she live with this psycho when she's banging a young hottie?  Larry is notably disappointed.

Meanwhile, they have someone who is actually interested in buying the house.  He is a cocky Armenian land developer who will knock down the house and put up apartments.  However, to get Moira to give him a quick BJ, he lies and says he'll build her a heated swimming pool.  She's kind of a moron.  I still find it hilarious that all these guys are lusting over an old lady with a weird eye. 

Vivien, however, is completely obsessed with the health of her babies, and completely uninterested in her other child, Violet.  She pretty much ignores her and turns on some sex music and gets busy with her vibrator.  She tries to picture the sexy security guy, but her fantasy keeps getting interrupted by visions of her husband and the Rubberman.  Not a successful alone sexytime for her.  Oh well.

We also learn about another resident of the house, a deformed Sloth-like being living in the attic.  Apparently he's Constance's son?  My husband thinks he's the grown version of the dismembered baby that the original owners put back together, but I don't think so.  Hope I'm not proven wrong later in the season because it seems like anything can happen on this show.  Tate informs Violet that she can get rid of the ghosts by simply telling them to go away.  It's that easy? 

Constance and Moira band together to put the kibosh on the land development.  Moira uses her special skills to lure the poor guy down to the basements and more condos.  Vivien's going to be awfully disappointed since she's telling everyone who will listen that the house is all but sold.  Looks like they're not going to be packing their bags anytime soon!

Previews for next week look goooooood!  Tate and Violet are naked, but didn't we find out at the beach that ghosts can't get it up?  Hayden is back, Vivien is mentally unstable, and the identity of the Rubberman is revealed!  Yipee!


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