Monday, November 21, 2011

The Walking Dead - Season 2: Episode 6

Zombies in the barn, zombies in the barn, hi ho the dairy o, there's zombies in the barn.  I do not appreciate The Walking Dead opening with animal cruelty this week but I'm going to let it slide.  Maggie is plying Glenn with fruit and jerky to shut up about the barn zombies.   I could think of better ways she could shut him up.  Andrea asks Darryl if there's "anything she could do to make him feel better."  Is it bad I only thought of dirty things?  I need my head checked.

Glenn is really concerned about Lori's pregnancy and says what we're all thinking -- bitch needs a hamburger.  He also calls pregnancy a medical condition, which makes me LoL.  Glenn and the one-liners this season.  Carl steals a gun and wants to know how to shoot.  He has fully recovered towards looking ridiculous in a hat.  Everyone gets gun training like they're always talking about but never doing.  Andrea, in a split second, goes from shooting Darryl in the head to sniper-level skills.  Not believable at all, but whatevs.  Shane is super sexy alpha male as he takes Andrea to "advanced target practice."  I also wish that meant something dirty, but it just means he brings up her sister's death.  Oooops.

Glenn can't keep a secret for more than 5 seconds and now Dale is on the barn zombie news.  He confronts Herchel who says that's his family in that there barn and Dale better zip his lip.  Herchel thinks zombies are people too and are not to be executed.  Glenn and Maggie take another trip to the store for a scandalous item for Lori.  Shocker.  Glenn saves Maggie from a zombie, and she's probably regretting all those nasty comments she made.

Morning-after pills?  Really Lori?  Now I'm not super well-versed on the intricacies of this particular medication, but I'm pretty sure they need to be taken the morning after having sex.  Not a month later when you regret banging your husband and his best friend within days of each other.  I'm not Dr. Scream Queen though, so I could be mistaken.  Maggie chucks the pills at Lori, gives Glenn a big smooch and tells him to stop being such a doormat aka zombie bait.  Good on you, Maggie.

Andrea and Shane go traipsing around a housing complex looking for Sophia.  They basically just find death and destruction.  And a zombie horde, which they quickly dispatch.  These two are quickly becoming the badass zombie hunters.  I like it.  Andrea looks quite pleased with herself, and in the aftermath of the zombie slaying, she grabs Shane's junk!  Yes!!!  This is now my favorite part of the episode.  Hearing Shane say "come on in" made me all squeeeee inside.  Hopefully I can keep myself calm for the remaining 7 minutes of this episode.

Lori chows all the morning after pills and then pukes them up.  Climatic.  Shame that she wasted them, since Andrea might need them to defend her womb from Shane's super sperm.  Come on, we all know Lori's baby is Shane's, right?  It's gotta be.  Like the massive douche that she is, Lori leaves all the pill packaging out for Rick to find.  Lori and Rick fight, and she reveals that she and Shane banged.  Apparently Rick already knew.  He asks if it's because she thought he was dead.  She has a seriously delayed reaction.  I hate this lady...she is the worst.  Dale and Shane are facing off and I like it.  More to come on that.

Next week on The Walking Dead: Herchel calmly drinks a Stella with his lunch and studies medical texts while others are made to live outside in tents.  Totally fair.  Rick confronts him about his skewed view on the world as it is.   He reveals Lori's pregnancy.  Herchel says they need to be out by the end of the week -- no ifs, ands, or buts.  Can't wait for Sunday night!


Sara said...

I think he said "Come on then", but either way...probably the best part of that episode. Shane be crazy, but he be hot crazy so I can't hate too much.

This episode was ridiculous on a whole. I'm glad Andrea went more badass because I pretty much want to punch Lori everytime I see her. Seriously, we get you don't want a baby in this world, but you'd have better luck falling down some stairs or drinking a lot instead of taking a shit ton of morning after pills.