Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2011)

Everyone knocking this movie by saying it is sick and depraved is giving Tom Six exactly what he wanted.  It was clear from the first trailer on that his main focus in making Full Sequence was to shock and disturb.  And he got that job done pretty well.

Martin is a loner with some serious issues.  He was abused by his dad, he lives with a weirdo mom, and he does unconventional things like masturbating with sandpaper.  He also is obsessed with the movie The Human Centipede, and desires to make a centipede of his own.  He moves forward with his plan by randomly kidnapping twelve people, including a very pregnant woman, and the star from the first Centipede, Ashlynn Yennie.  With no appropriate tools or medical training, he hacks at kneecaps, asses, and mouths with hammers and kitchen knives.  He then literally staples everyone's asses to mouth.

Where the first Centipede lacked in graphic, in-your-face gore, the sequel more than compensated.  Martin digs teeth out of bloody mouths, force feeds the centipede head, and administers a ridiculous amount of laxatives to his victims when they are not pooping fast enough for his liking. 

The ending was sort of anti-climatic, and I don't believe that the planned Human Centipede: Final Sequence will involve Martin.  Tom Six got exactly what he wanted with this movie, making it even more sick and depraved than the first.  People like me will see it just to satisfy their curiosity, and he promises even more boundary-pushing in the next sequel.  I imagine this gross-out phase will come and go, as it did with torture porn a few years ago, but the ride is a fun one.