Friday, October 14, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV series) Episode 2

As I waited patiently for 10pm this Wednesday, I wondered if American Horror Story could top its off-the-wall pilot...and it did.  If you thought this story couldn't get any more bizarre, or have any other little mini-stories within it, you would be mistaken.

I'm so in love with the bizarre, sexy Nip-Tuck vibe to this whole series (thanks, Ryan Murphy!) but this week brought in a little creepiness from The Strangers.  After last week's sexytime and impending pregnancy, combined with Violet's problems at school, the weird maid, laviscious teenage patient and creepy neighbors, the family is in a bit of a weird spot.  And it's about to get a lot weirder.

Ben is getting roped back into his previous infidelity with his student, played by the lovely Kate Mara (yay!) and he finds that he can't get out of it.  More history is revealed about the house, including some brutal murders that took place in the 60s.  Apparently there are some Manson-type wannabes who want to recreate the murders, but will Violet and Vivien be able to stop them?

Meanwhile, Ben deals with issues across the country in Boston, while Constance targets the family with some laced cupcakes.  We're introduced to a new character, some man candy with an affinity for lonely widows. (Christian Troy/Hedda Grubman, anyone?)  And when a trio stands together at the end, we're forced to question who really knows each other in this story.

I'm loving this show more and more and I cannot wait until next week's episode.  IMDB is saying that only four episodes were made so far, and I'm really hoping they decide to extend this season.  Television really needs a non-mainstream horror show in the mix.