Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie News: Mass Grave Pictures Gets Nasty

I love stories like this.  In an era of horror, where plots are regurgitated over and over and actual scares are few and far between, it's good to see people that actually care about the blood and gore that started it all.  I remember being in the video store with my sister in the early 90s, digging through the horror movies and looking for the craziest ones.  Blood Slaughter Massacre would have topped our lists back then, and I sure as hell want to see it now.

Since I've been hitting the convention scene, I've been lucky enough to meet the awesome people behind Mass Grave Pictures, who, in addition to making their own movies, are dedicated to restoring a "video nasty" lost in a legal battle over 25 years ago.  I've seen the trailers, which contain everything you love about 80s slashers, from the dipshit blondes to that booming announcer voice.  The killer is classic 80s, brandishing a knife and a ridiculous mask while chasing teenagers through parties and into showers, Psycho-style.

The sad news is that there's not much left in terms of actual footage of the original to work with.  So Mass Grave has decided to take matters into their own hands, mash up the awesomeness of all three BSMs and they start filming the feature length flick in January.  Stay tuned for updates as filming begins.

I love everything about this project, and the people behind Mass Grave Pictures.  Check 'em out at and on Facebook.  Rock on, horror lovers.