Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween: H20 (1998)

Oooooh, 1998 Josh Hartnett was yummy, wasn't he?  He was 20 then (I checked IMDB) so it's okay to think that.  LL Cool J also appears, and while he's not in Doin' It shape, he still looks pretty sexy.

Also, any movie that involves both luring and escaping from killers in a dumbwaiter is always a great time.  I mean, when else does the dumbwaiter get play?  Is it time for a list on this subject?  I digress.

I don't like the look of Michael Myers in this sequel.  I can't put my finger on it, but something just strikes me as odd. But seriously, what perfect storm came together to not only have Jamie Lee Curtis back, but several other stars in an innocuous Halloween sequel.

We all know that the subsequent Halloweens kind of drifted all over the place, and Michael Myers just kept getting shot and never stayed dead.  I guess by 1998 we all just decided to accept that, and it seems totally normal that not only has Michael stayed alive for 20 years, but he's in good enough shape to go stalking his grown sister, Laurie.  There are several 90s-era stars involved in said stalking, and we get 90 glorious minutes of beautiful people running around screaming. 

This is actually an impressive Halloween sequel, and I've always liked this one.  There's the typical Michael Myers-esque stalking suspense, which always leads to some jump scares and a good time.  This one could have been totally lame, but I like the way it turned out.  Michael Myers lives, bitches.


James Gracey said...

I actually watched this last night! Great sequel - wonderful to revisit Laurie Strode and witness her confronting her demons. Until Halloween: Resurrection came along and shat all over everything. The less said about THAT Halloween film, the better.