Monday, September 5, 2011

Milo (1998)

Milo was made in 1998.  Was it meant to look as if it was made in the 80s, a la House of the Devil?  Milo is about a group of little girlfriends who make an odd friend in a creepy little boy who stops by the school playground.  One day, they follow him to his father's gynecologist office to see some babies in jars.  In exchange for seeing the babies, the little boy wants to perform an exam on each of the girls.  Of course, this instantly goes awry and one of the friends is murdered by Milo.

Years later, the girls have grown into women and are gathering for their friend's wedding.  Unfortunately, there is a tragic accident and their friend is killed the day before she is to be married.  The friends are sad, but Claire (Jennifer Jostyn) decides to deal with this issue by taking her dead friend's place as an elementary school teacher at their childhood school. 

Shortly after starting the job, Claire begins seeing Milo hanging around the school, even though he apparently drowned years earlier.  Her friends think that she's going a little loopy after all the recent events, and refuse to believe that Milo is alive.  Of course they are incorrect, and Milo is alive in some sense.  Apparently he is still a child with a strange robot voice.  I don't know why he has never aged, as they don't explain this.  Something about Milo's mother and his gyno dad?  It's not clear.

Unfortunately, the IMDB rating on this movie (3.1) is actually right.  This movie was pretty terrible and there were all these weird side stories that never really made any sense.  The acting was pretty awful as well.  Fun fact though -- Milo featured a very young and uncredited Mila Kunis as one of the students in Claire's class.