Saturday, September 3, 2011

American Psycho 2 (2002)

If you're a Family Guy fan, you may find the narration of this movie a bit hard to take seriously, since it made me keep picturing Meg.  American Psycho 2 is a pretty senseless and unnecessary remake to the wildly successful American Psycho.

Rachael (Mila Kunis) was the sole survivor of murderer Patrick Bateman when she was a tween.  After escaping, she become obsessed with murder, and goes to college with the intent on eventually joining the FBI.  Apparently the only way to do this is to get the TA position in Prof. Starkman's (William Shatner) class.

Rachael works her butt off to have a perfect GPA and be a shoe-in for the position.  But several other less-deserving students are standing in her way, and Rachael is not having that.  She'll do absolutely anything to get to Quantico....and that means anything.  I was gearing myself up for the ending to be a straight-up ripoff of Urban Legend...and I was right.  That was a good ending though.

This movie is full of interludes full of chick power angst rock a la Bif Naked.  And the aforementioned Meg-narration.  Rachael seems to seamlessly get away with anything she wants to do, with no one being the wiser.  This movie wasn't actually just was sort of nonsensical.  It sort of fits in with the early 2000 teen/college horror genre, but I'm not sure what this had to do with American Psycho except for some crazy made-up babysitter storyline.  They should have just called this shit Teacher's Pet or something and made it it's own movie.

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Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

The whole premise of this sequel is ridiculous since Patrick Bateman never actually killed anyone.