Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Resident (2011)

I usually stay far away from mainstream horror movies, but we're stranded here in a hurricane and I'm just making my way through my 235 strong instant queue.  Also, I usually can't skip a flick about NYC, even if it's based in Brooklyn.

The Resident is about a Brooklyn doctor, Juliette (Hilary Swank) looking for a new apartment after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her.  She finds a steal in the BK for $3800/month and rushes to move in.   Her landlord, Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is super foxy and they develop a flirtation.  But when she decides to reunite with her old boyfriend, she discovers that Max has gone all Norman Bates on her, creeping around the apartment and drugging her at random.

I'm not typically a Hilary Swank fan, but I liked this movie.  Apparently Hil is trying to highly sexualize herself in the wake of comments about her looks, so we get to see Swank boobs, panties, and even some Divynls action in her tub.  The Resident was like a fun combination of Single White Female and Pacific Heights and is definitely worth a watch.