Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Due to the impending hurricane, we New Yorkers are trapped in our apartments all weekend.  As my husband is confined here with me, I am subjecting him to as many horrible sounding horror movies as I possibly can before he goes all Jack Torrance on me.

I'm watching the last fifteen minutes of this movie while I write this, and I'm still not entirely sure what this is all about.  There appears to be worms, which kill people at random, but also make them sick.  Several different people appear to be involved in this issue, including a oil refinery manager, a guy searching for treasure, some volunteer doctors, and the only Mongolian main character -- a cop dressed like a cowboy.

The plot of this movie was pretty nonsensical.  Apparently some oil drilling has stirred up the infamous Mongolian death worms, letting them loose on all these unsuspecting people.  There were like 12 different subplots going on, making the whole thing nearly impossible to follow.  Also the entire thing was filmed in Texas, making its resemblance to Mongolia completely nil. I was hoping for Mongolian Death Worm to be awesomely bad, but it was just plain bad.