Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Canyon (2009)

I'm going to Vegas in two weeks (wooohooo Vegas baby!!) and everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to the Grand Canyon.  I think people do not realize that it's a 5-6 hour trip from the Strip, and when I'm in Vegas, that time is better spent drinking.

As you probably know, I mostly watch 2-star crap on Netflix (especially instant) but I decided to look for something decent and went scrolling through the four-star horror movies saved on my queue.  There weren't many, but The Canyon was one of them and I decided to give it a shot.

This movie was kind of a combination of The Ruins and Thirst.  There's leg hacking and starving like the former and being lost in the desert with no water like the latter.  Also, fearless wolves like Frozen.   Newlyweds Nick and Lori decide to go on a honeymoon trip in the Grand Canyon with a questionable guide.  He gets bit by a rattlesnake, leaving the two to fend for themselves.  While searching for cell phone service, tragedy strikes, making their already bad situation a whole lot worse.

I found this movie to be pretty fast paced and realistic.  The special effects were pretty on-point, and although apparently this wasn't even filmed in the Grand Canyon, I liked the cinematography.  The ending was very reminiscent of The Mist and after watching this whole movie, I wonder if the writer took all of their favorite elements of various survival movies and put them together to make The Canyon.  A good watch though, and available on Netflix instant.

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