Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bundy (2008)

An American Icon?  A Legacy of Evil?  What is the tagline?  We shall never know.  I don't even think the person on the one-sheet is Corin Nemic, who played Bundy in the movie.   Putting Kane Hodder on the bill for this movie would be pretty much like listing Danny Trejo second for The Devil's Rejects.  He's in this movie for about two seconds, and cast as a lawyer, which makes zero sense.

This movie is insanely boring, to be honest.  I like Corin Nemic, and I think he really could have played a good Ted Bundy but the script for this movie was just freakin' stupid.  It mostly revolved around Bundy's childhood, where his dad sometimes yelled at people, and his college years, where he got dumped by a cute girl because he couldn't get it up.

I was under the impression that Bundy was pretty threatening but in this movie he just seems to have whiskey dick, drive around drunk aimlessly, and wear dorky clothes.  I was not scared of him at any point, and I was pretty much bored through the entire movie.  At the end, there's sort of a flashback/retrospective of Bundy, but no real life facts.  WTF?  A Netflix search shows me that there's never really been a good movie made about Ted Bundy...maybe a business venture for a sharp writer?


Real Queen of Horror said...

LOL @ his dorky clothes.

I was slight interested in this, because it's right SMACK in the middle on Netflix & I wanted to give it a try but...not too sure now after your review. :\

Jenny Krueger said...

Great review girl, keep it up! :D