Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vipers (2008)

Oh, Tara Reid.  I wonder if you hadn't fucked up your career so badly, you could have actually become a successful horror actress.  You looked super cute in American Pie and your looks coupled with your throaty bedroom voice could have carried you through a few dozen slashers and an early retirement.

Anyway, I digress.  I'm strangely drawn to horror movies that involve Miss Reid and Vipers is no exception.  In this movie, scientists find out that a specific type of viper can be used to cure a deadly form of cancer.  However, unbeknown to the sponsors of the project, some scientists are pumping the vipers full of accelerators and they've gotten out of control.  Now they can chomp up entire people at once, and just generally wreak havoc.

After a situation in the lab, the vipers escape.  Another side effect of the enhancement is that the vipers want to do it like bunnies and multiply like crazy.  They slither off to a remote island and start attacking everything in sight.  The main players on the island are a retiring doctor, an ex-Marine, a bitchy teenager, and Nicky (Tara Reid) who runs a greenhouse where she also grows pot. 

Everyone tries to escape from the snakes, as the National Guard plans to gas the whole island, leaving both snakes and humans incapacitated.  I feel like I'm in a giving mood today, but I actually liked this movie.  Sure, the snakes were CGIed to death (or life) but I mean, come on.  You can't train vipers to act for the camera.  Tara Reid appeared to be sober, and the other actors were passable.  Although I'm not a huge fan of creature features, this was not a bad way to pass 90 minutes of my life.

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