Sunday, July 10, 2011

Final Stab (2001)

I think we've heard this premise before, but I have over 200 movies on my instant queue and I have to start somewhere.  The movie cover would make you think that this is a Scream ripoff, but it's really more reminiscent of April Fool's Day.  

Kristen is a rich bitch who has absolutely no regard for other people's feelings.  Under the guise of wanting to reunite with her sister, Angela, she stages a murder mystery game at an isolated house.  She completely disregards the fact that Angela's boyfriend Charlie is completely messed up in the head due to witnessing his parents' murder as a child.

Everyone in the house is playing along with the murder game, except for Angela and Charlie, who have no idea what's going on.  The fake murderer is an actor wearing a lame mask, and kind of half-assing the whole performance.  However, there's a real killer lurking and he's killing people...for real.

I mean, sure, this was nothing original, but this wasn't a terrible movie.  The kills weren't that bloody, but the killer was sort of a surprise.  The ending sort of left it open for a Final Stab 2 but I'm pretty glad that didn't happen.  The acting was pretty standard for a B-grade slasher, and I wonder if they were going for an 80s-esque feel with the whole thing, because that's how it came across.  Not a classic, but not a horrible waste of your time either.

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Real Queen of Horror said...

I agree, it wasn't a horrible movie but it's probably a movie I'll never watch again. I thought it was a scream rip off as well. :x