Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fear Itself Episode 7: Something with Bite

Aside from Ginger Snaps, I'm not a huge fan of werewolf movies.  So I was a little wary going into an episode about a veterinarian that turns into a werewolf, but I'm not skipping any episodes, so there.

Wilbur Orwell (the forced irony of that name seriously bugged me) is a chubby vet that seems to sorta care about his job and be more concerned about eating donuts.  One day, a gigantic animal that was hit by a car is dragged into his office.  As he tries to save the creature, he is bitten, and the animal dies.  Wilbur begins to show strange symptoms and as we already know from the one-sentence description, he is becoming a werewolf.

He struggles with his transition from man to beast, and seeks solace in the parents of the creature that was brought into his office.  Meanwhile, animal attacks are running rampant in the area, and Wilbur worries about the culprit, especially when his beloved office assistant is attacked.  He goes on the hunt for the beast, with surprising results.

This episode was a little corny and the werewolf effects were super-lame, but it wasn't entirely horrible either.  The characters kind of confused me, between the endlessly horny wife, the ditzy, bumbling office assistant, and the half-assed cop, so that sort of threw the episode off a bit.  But I did sit through it and didn't complain much, so there must have been some redeeming value.  This certainly isn't one of the better episodes of Fear Itself.

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