Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fear Itself Episode 6: Family Man

This little girl actually didn't have a huge role in this movie, but this scene really creeped me the hell out.  I always liked that song "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee..." and this little ankle biter kinda ruined it for me forever.

Anyway, back to this episode.  The beginning was kind of like Ghost, if Patrick Swayze had switched bodies with his killer instead of just making pottery and being friends with Whoopi Goldberg.

Dennis Mahoney (Colin Ferguson) is a good Christian and a loving husband and father.  He gets in a tragic car accident, and is in the hospital at the same time as Brautigan (Clifton Collins, Jr.) who we soon find out is a prolific serial killer.  They are both essentially dead, but are somehow able to come back to life after switching bodies.  I take a moment to wonder if I could finagle this situation so that it occurs between me and Olivia Wilde.

Anyway, "Dennis" wakes up in Brautigan's body and is hauled off to jail to be charged for dozens of murders.  Poor Dennis is not prepared for the abuses and loneliness of prison and is slowly losing his shit.  "Brautigan," meanwhile, is enjoying his time in Dennis's body, banging his cutesy wife and plotting the future torture of his children.

Instead of just giving into his obvious fate, Dennis is a fighter and is determined to get his body back from Brautigan and be reunited with his family.  But there are plenty of obstacles in his way, and things may not be as they seem.  There was a really cool twist at the end of this episode, and the whole tone of it was seriously and effectively creepy.  Definitely a winner in this season.

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