Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wilderness (2006)

I allowed my husband to pick a horror movie from our bursting-at-the-seams instant queue and this is what resulted.  I felt generally pretty meh about this movie.  I mean it had some cool things going on, but it's one of those movies that you pretty much forget about the minute the credits roll.

Wilderness comes to us from Britain, and is about a bunch of kids living in sort of a juvenile facility.  There are bullies, nerds, and weirdos, just as you would expect.  One boy in particular, Davie, is bullied quite severely and is subsequently depressed.  He commits suicide and the head of the institution blames the boys sharing his room.

As punishment, they are shipped off to a deserted island to practice their survival skills.  Of course, they are miserable about the whole thing until they come across some delinquent chicas who are also learning their lesson.  Although the responsible adult figures try to separate the sexes, they all find a way to cause trouble.

The other problem?  Adults and teenagers alike are being attacked at random by some mystery source and a pack of killer dogs.  Who is the killer?  And does it have something to do with the demise of their incarcerated brother?

This flick had some good gore and kill scenes but overall I was sort of uninterested.  I also really don't appreciate violence against animals, so that sort of turned me off as well.  So not awful, but pretty forgettable.

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