Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cinderella (2006)

Watching this movie reminded me that I need to complain to Netflix about their crappy subtitle formatting on instant watch.  I thought about just turning this movie off instead off struggling to read the subtitles kind of half chopped-off, but I had sort of committed myself to this flick and decided to stick with it.

As a big lover of Nip/Tuck, I was intrigued by a horror movie about plastic surgery.  And a Korean one to boot.  Hyungu is a teenage girl who is the daughter of a successful female plastic surgeon.  Her mom is sort of creepy towards her, in my opinion, constantly taking care of her skin and bathing her and such.  Hyungu never lacks for friends, as her girlfriends are more than happy to have the direct hookup to a plastic surgeon. 

But, unfortunately, the girls that Hyungu's mom operates on keep dying mysteriously.  And after Hyungu goes rooting around in the basement, she finds clues to expose the fact that she is not who she thinks she is.  There are definitely skeletons in the closet with this family.

Although this movie had some seriously creepy moments, I'd call it more a drama/thriller than a straight-up horror movie. It reminded me somewhat of Bloody Reunion  which was a pretty awesome flick.  I did like the story though and enjoyed the movie overall.  I certainly do sometimes wonder what happens with the title translation of these movies.  No idea what this has to do with Cinderella, but such is life ;)