Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Last Resort (2009)

The Last Resort had the basis to be a pretty decent movie, but it fell apart pretty freakin' quickly.  I didn't expect much from a flick that barely got a 2 on both IMDB and Netflix, but the concept of a bachelorette party horror movie roped me in.

A group of 20-somethings traipse off to Mexico for a week of sun, fun, and booze before their friend gets married.  The future Mrs. is a total bridezilla and makes it clear from the beginning of the trip that she is in charge and this week is all about her.

The ladies go out partying, and one girl ends up going home with a hottie from the bar.  She oversleeps at his place, and gets a bitchy phone call in the morning that everyone is leaving on a sightseeing trip, and they will meet up with her later.

Obviously these girls have not an ounce of sense in their heads, and they go on a "sightseeing tour" with two dudes in a van.  This is not a tour, of course, and the girls end up in the desert handing over their jewelry and cash.  With one girl injured, they hoof it to a nearby ghost town, and set up camp in an abandoned church.  Shortly after arriving, they start to get irritated and violent with one another.  Is something in the church causing them to act this way?

The acting in this movie was pretty horrible, and although there were a few creepy scenes in the church, the whole thing was kind of a wash.  Guess those 2 out of 10 reviews were right on the money.

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Brandon Sites said...

Hey Scream Queen,

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Sara said...

I recently watched this as well, and holy crap, these movies are the reason it's difficult to get my husband to watch horror movies.

The blurb made it sound really neat, so much fail. :(