Monday, May 2, 2011

Husk (2011)

How is it that this is the SECOND movie I've watched recently about cornfields?  And there's a third one waiting on my instant queue.  How random is my life?

Husk is about a group of five friends on a roadtrip, headed for partytime at a lake house.  While driving through some cornfields, their car gets mysteriously attacked by some wayward birds.  This causes them to careen off the road, crashing and rendering the car useless.

In a move of genuine horror stupidity, one friend takes off by himself for a nearby farmhouse.  When he doesn't return after a while, two others go looking for him.  And finally, when all three don't return for a while, the remaining two abandon the car and head for the house.  Now all are stuck in a Texas Chainsaw-esque house surrounded by creepy scarecrows.

Through attacks and visions, the outsiders learn that the scarecrows are actual psuedo-zombies, created by the haunting resulting from a brotherly feud.  The zombies are people who died, pounded nails through their hands, and sewed masks for themselves before jumping up on their crosses and posing as innocent scarecrows.  At first, I wasn't sure about the nails on the hand thing, but apparently they are lovely weapons a la Freddy's fingers. 

This whole concept sounds a little lame, but this was actually a pretty good movie.  Sure, it was pretty rife with horror cliches, and I won't be racing out to buy it anytime soon.  Nothing was really resolved in this slasher, and the ending definitely left it open for a Husk 2. 
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