Monday, January 31, 2011

Saw 3D/The Final Chapter (2010)

When I was waiting for the Blu-Ray of this movie to load (seriously I love Blu-Ray but why does it take FOREVER to load?!) I thought back to when Saw was first released in the theaters.  How freakin' awesome was that?  I saw that shit like three times in a row.  When he stood up from the middle of the room, when Dr. Gordon hacked his foot off, when he slams the door shut...there's no denying that Saw broke new ground in horror movies.

But now we're on #7 and I lost track of the sequels back when Donnie Wahlberg was balancing on that block of ice.  It's my personal belief they should have just left it at the first one, but I give them credit as it had become the most successful horror franchise of all time.  I hate to see Jigsaw beat out Freddy and Jason, but such is life. This movie has the most traps of any Saw film (11) and the most deaths at a whopping 27. 

Saw 3D/The Final Chapter is trying to revisit its roots.  It's like they know everyone has gotten bored and confused as fuck with the sequels, so they revisit Jigsaw's old traps through most of the movie.  I will admit, this stuff was pretty awesome.  The trap in public, the Linkin Park dude glued to a car seat, and a revisit the reverse bear trap.

Although most of the story revisits old traps that we didn't see previously, there is an actual story to this.  Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flannery) is a Jigsaw survivor who now makes his living working the talk-show circuit, writing inspirational books, etc.  He gets a bunch of survivors together for some publicity nonsense, and Dr. Gordon shows up.  Everything is creepy and weird and the ball starts rolling.  Bobby and his ever-supportive wife get kidnapped, but why?

I really did enjoy the visits back in time to the other traps but the "current" story that they worked with was kinda blah.  It was pretty much a replica of that one where Jigsaw is dying and needs his head cut open (I told you I lost track, dammit) and they really just went all out with the gross-out factor.  The end was pretty sweet in a 360-type of deal but nothing you wouldn't expect.  If you were even a mild fan of the franchise, I'd say check out this one in the hopes that it's over.  But they definitely left it open for another one.  God help us all.