Monday, January 31, 2011

Piranha 3D (2010)

After a year filled with disappointing remakes and me immersing myself in deep and disturbing foreign horror movies, Piranha 3D was just what the doctor freakin' ordered.  I laughed, I screamed, I smacked my husband for drooling over copious amounts of boobs. This movie was like the fun, cheesy topless-fests that saturated the 80s, with ridiculous actors and unbelievable plots.  And I loved every bloody, limb-chopping minute of it.

Piranha is about a quiet lake town that gets overtaken by spring breakers each year.  There's wet t-shirt contests, people driving boats who really shouldn't, and just general debauchery everywhere.  Elizabeth Shue is the town sheriff, Julie.  Let me just take a moment out to ask God to please let me look like her when I am pushing 50.  Damn, mama.  She has two little tykes, and a high-school age son, Jake.  Jake is supposed to be watching the kids, but he gets propositioned by Derrick (Jerry O'Connell) to join him on a Girls Gone Wild-type shoot all over the lake.  Of course, Jake can't resist, and he pays the little brats off so he can out for the day.

Whilst everyone carouses on the lake, danger lurks below.  An underwater earthquake has set free a large colony of cannibalistic piranhas hungry for human flesh.  The drunken co-eds ignore all warning in order to keep partying, and let's just say they get a little injured in the process.

This was ridiculous, gross, and totally hysterical.  The piranhas were super-realistic and not a penny was spared on the gore and special effects when it came to the attacks.  People were cut in half, decapitated, limbs removed, everything you could think of.  And for you guys out there, this movie had boobs, boobs, boobs for all the times it made sense, and some times that it didn't.  This movie was a blast to watch and I'll say that I haven't had this much fun watching a movie since Machete.  Grab a couple of brews and watch Piranha.  You won't be sorry.

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HorrO said...

I also had a blast watching this movie. If you take it seriously, you just aren't going to like it. There are a lot of things to complain about, but why bother. This was a movie just to sit back and enjoy the ride.