Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zombie Hunters: Follow-Up/Season Finale

I usually don't do follow ups (I prefer to love 'em and leave 'em) but I've found myself invested in Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead.  Amidst all the hype surrounding zombie movies and shows, ZH is like the little zombie show that could.

I've spoken about my love for this show before and after hanging out with the cast for a bit at Chiller Theatre, I was able to get hooked up with a copy of the eighth episode, which is also the season finale.  I mentioned previously that the special effects in this show have really grown and improved throughout the episodes, and after watching 8, I can say that the storyline is really tightening up as well.

Whereas in the beginning of the season, you might find yourself a little lost in the myriad of activities and characters, episode 7 (the warehouse zombie battle) really stood on its own and left you with something to look forward to in the next ep.  And the final installment of season one did not disappoint.

Carrie (Teri Hansen) and Bates (Christopher Murphy), pictured in the back right of the above promo photo, have really become standout characters on the show.  Carrie is badass while still looking cute as hell, and Bates is running shit, armed to the teeth, and always looking for the next zombie around the corner.  The plot has progressed to really start and show the drama between the characters, even touching on an illicit romance.  We're starting to get a 28 Days Later, and maybe even Stand-esque vibe as the characters find themselves strangely isolated in what was a bustling and packed city.  Billy (Patrick Devaney) has really found his place as the optimistic, yet imperfect member of the group.  Waiting for the world to go back to what it was, he finds himself clashing with Bates, while struggling with his own demons, so to say.

There have been a ton of improvements and awesomeness throughout the first 8 episodes of this series.  I think for next season, tightening up the editing and skipping more drawn-out scenes (particularly the fight scene in ep. 8) would really keep the show going on the right track.  The ending was not an annoyingly dramatic cliffhanger, but enough to get my mind working about what we'll see in season 2.  Support independent horror and stay tuned ;o)