Monday, December 6, 2010

Bloody Reunion (2006)

I lovvveeddd this movie.  Yes, it was a little confusing.  Yes, you could have easily missed the point of what actually happened, but I think any seasoned horror viewer could catch on.  I've seen this movie compared to High Tension, but it actually reminded me very much of Identity.  You know, that one with John Cusack and all the people at the hotel?

Bloody Reunion (aka To Sir, With Love) is the story of an ailing teacher, Mrs. Park, and her beloved students.  Mrs. Park is currently living with one of her former students, Mi-ja, who is caring for her in her failing health.  To cheer her up, Mi-ja arranges a reunion of their former class to stay for the weekend at Mrs. Park's home on the beach.

Mrs. Park is delighted when her former students return, but as it turns out, they are not so pleased with her.  They each harbor a secret resentment for some atrocity committed against them by Mrs. Park when they were students.  They each believe that whatever she did to them made them failures in life, quashing their dreams of becoming atheletes, models, etc.  As each secret is revealed, Mrs. Park's life is endangered.  Meanwhile, someone is picking off the students one by one, as those surviving try to determine who the murderer is.

This movie definitely wasn't perfect, as there were some plot holes and confusing storylines.  For example, there was this whole subplot about a deformed child that never really panned out to anything.  And it was hard to keep track of the characters and their whereabouts at times.  But I really believed that everything came together in the end, and I thought this movie to be a success.  I found myself thinking about it several times after I finished watching.  I definitely recommend.



cynniegurl said...

sounds interesting as I remember really liking Identity, i'm gonna have to put this on my list

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Haha, told you, didn't I?! I agree that the plot is kind of a clusterfuck but it's still an incredibly well done and interesting movie. Glad you liked it!