Friday, December 17, 2010

Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008)

I don't care what y'all say.  I liked The Tribe.  Sure, it's no Lost Boys, but there's a lot of lousy vampire crap out lately and I didn't think this flick was too bad at all.

In this installment of Corey-Feldman-still-cashing-in-on-his-teenage-years, former surfer Chris Emerson and his sister Nicole move to Luna Bay to live with their aunt.  Their parents have died and they really have nowhere else to go.  They need cash, so Chris stops by Edgar Frog's surf shop, hoping to get a job.  Chris and Nicole hit a party later that night, where Nicole drinks vampire blood.  Overprotective Chris drags her home, where she starts to act like....guess it....a vampire!

Edgar Frog tries to save poor Chris from his bloodsucking sister, but he's not hearing that noise.  But after a bloodthirsty sexual encouter gone awry, Chris finally seeks out Edgar's help.  Edgar explains that if they kill the head vampire, Nicole can be returned to her human form (not sure why this is, but okay) 

Edgar and Chris locate the vampires' lair and, in true Lost Boys fashion, a battle ensues.  Who will make it out alive, and with their humanity?  Corey Haim (RIP) makes a quick appearance at the end, and I wonder if he would have played a larger part had he had his shit together at the time.  Tom Savini also appears for a bit (random).

Yes, I know that Corey Feldman's acting is horrendous.  After watching the two Lost Boys sequels one right after the other, and seeing him at the Comic Con, I actually have a theory about this.  I will share this theory in my The Thirst review.

Overall, I thought this movie was pretty good, and I will even venture so far as to say I would watch it again.  Haters gonna hate ;o)