Friday, December 17, 2010

The Lost Boys: The Thirst

I saw a preview of this movie during a Corey Feldman/Lost Boys panel at the New York Comic Con a few months ago.  Over this past few months, and after watching all three of the Lost Boys, I formed a theory about Corey Feldman. 

I have to admit that Corey is a little quirky in person (and dresses like Michael Jackson) but let's be honest about something.  There is no denying that as a child/teenager, he was a really good actor.  Stand by Me.  The Goonies.  Dream a Little Dream.  The Lost Boys.  He actually explained during the panel (I will put these videos up one of these days, dammit) that he was really into acting when he first started, but that after a while, it was really his parents pushing him to keep doing movies.

So my theory is this.  Corey Feldman is the second coming of Bruce Campbell.  He knows EXACTLY how ridiculous and cheesy his acting is.  You can tell when he delivers his lines in The Thirst that he is hamming it up on purpose.  And the grunting?  I'm starting to think this is all a big joke to him.  No one's going to replicate The Lost Boys so let's make some corny laughable sequels.  You can't argue with that in my opinion.

So to The Thirst.  Edgar Frog is now pretty much broke and he's getting evicted from his trailer.  Jamison Newlander is back as Alan Frog, looking pretty worse for the wear.  Edgar heads over to the comic book store, trying to sell some of his comics to help pay the rent.  Shopgirl Zoe seems to have a little crush on him and offers to help him make some cash on the books. 

Meanwhile, he returns to his home/trailer to find he has a visitor.  This is Gwen and she has quite a story.  Apparently, a bunch of vampires are throwing these rave parties where they're handing out a "designer drug," which is in fact vampire blood.  This is all part of a master plan to create a new race of vampires.  Why is Gwen involved?  Her brother went missing at one of the raves.  And guess what?  The next one is coming to San Cazador.

Edgar is reluctant to help out, but ends up changing his mind, after much grunting.  But it's a little late and Gwen has hired reality show macho man Lars Von Goetz to help out.  They all suit up with weapons and head over to the island.  A vampire/rave battle ensues, and I have to admit, the twist ending was pretty good. 

I liked this movie too.  It was definitely better than The Tribe but they obviously had a little more cash and special effects to put into this one.  If you're a vampire/Lost Boys/Corey Feldman/cheesy movie fan, I would definitely recommend it.