Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spiral (2007)

I think my initial problem with this movie was taking Joel Moore (Mason) seriously.  Maybe if I had never seen Dodgeball....but it was just really hard getting into this guy being a creeper. 

It is pretty tough to get into this movie.  It's pretty slow-moving and there were a couple of times when I was ready to give up on it.  Spiral is the story of a weird loner (Mason), who only has one friend (Berkeley) until he befriends a bubbly co-worker, Amber.

They begin dating, and she is energetic and patient enough to see past his weirdness.  Mason is an artist, and desires to sketch Amber, which she enjoys at first.  The sketches become a little more provocative, and Amber plays along....right into Mason's bed.  However, she soon makes an interesting discovery, which turns the tables on the relationship.

Honestly, I sort of saw the twist on this one coming from a mile away.  I was hoping for something more sick and demented but I guess that's what you get for PG-13.  I honestly didn't find it as creepy as it was described.  I'm sad to say I was pretty disappointed with this one.