Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

I liked this movie.  It reminded me a lot of the Amityville Horror remake, which I also thought was pretty badass. 

The Haunting in Connecticut is based on an actual true story of a Connecticut family.  Matt Campbell (Kyle Gallner) is a teenager who is dying of cancer.  In order to get the treatment he needs to have any chance of survival, his mom Sara (Virginia Madsen) has to drive him for hours in each direction in order to attend the clinical treatment trial.

Exhausted and stressed from the constant traveling with an incredibly ill person, Sara decides that they need to find a rental home closer to the hospital.  She finds an incredible deal, with one catch.  The house was previously a funeral home with a bit of a sordid past.  Desperate for a place to stay, Sara rents the home, not telling anyone in the family about its history.

The whole family moves in, with Matt opting to stay in the basement/morgue as it has it's own private bathroom.  Immediately after moving in, Matt begins to experience strange visions.  He chalks it up to the medicine from the treatment, but things get progressively worse.    As Matt's condition worsens, the hallucinations get more intense, and he feels he is possessed by a boy who used to live in the house.

After digging up records and consulting with a reverend, Matt and his cousin Wendy (Amanda Crew) discover what really went down in the old house.  To say the least, some spirits were dug up and they're not ready to rest quite yet.

I found this movie to be seriously creepy, the background story was good, and the acting was better than you get in most horror movies.  This movie probably got a lot of flack for being so mainstream, and PG-13 to boot, but I thought it was a good flick.