Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sutures (2009)

This was a pretty solid movie.  Even though it has a general premise similar to Hostel and the like, it has a fast-moving storyline, some decent gore, and an interesting twist at the end.

Sutures starts out pretty standard with a group of stressed med students headed up to a distant cabin for a little rest and relaxation.  They stop for gas on the way in the middle of nowhere and go along on their way.  Shortly after, a formidable man, Alexander Tatum, also stops by the gas station.  He questions the attendant about the previous visitors, but the man brushes off his questions.  This leads to torture in order for Alexander to figure out where the college students are headed. 

Alexander follows them to their cabin retreat and skulks around the house before stealing some organs and dragging them off to a secret location.  All of the kids are in for a different kind of torture -- from having their organs outright taken, to being test subjects for viruses, and to being guinea pigs for triage practice.  Meanwhile, we learn that all is not what it seems with Alexander Tatum. He has an f'ed up childhood that makes him behave in this manner and is testing the limits by breaking the "rules" of this little organ harvesting ring.

Luckily enough for her, one of the women is able to escape, and spends the entire movie in a hospital room relaying this story to a police officer.  The officer becomes frustrated as she fades in and out of conciousness and becomes more and more vague in her statement of the facts.  And when the officer steps out for a moment...

I thought this movie was pretty solid.  Sure, it was low-budget and the acting could have used some help, but I found it to be a bit of a fresh take on the cookie-cutter torture porn script.  The background of Tatum is definitely a new one, and the twist in the end came as a surprise.  And horror fans know that surprise endings are pretty few and far between these days.


Sarah E. Jahier said...

Nice review...makes me want to check this one out!