Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie News: Will Machete Save Lindsay Lohan's Career?

I think it's pretty clear to everyone by now that Miss Lohan is not the world's greatest actress.  But neither are a lot of actresses (cough* Megan Fox* cough) who continue to get tons of work nonetheless.

The Linds has had her share of problems over the years, mostly recently being a stint in jail and rehab.  It's safe to say that the once smokin' hot starlet has lost her looks a bit after bouts with alcohol, drugs, and eating disorders.

But even though she has been fired from movies for failing to show up on set, Robert Rodriguez decided to take a chance on the chick and hire her for Machete.  She spent much of the filming time in trouble with the law, drinking her face off, and in and out of court dates.  She missed the film's premiere on Wednesday night, but her co-stars are wishing her well.

Said Jessica Alba, "Lindsay is so good in the movie … I’m very proud."  Danny Trejo, no stranger to jail time himself, said, "Lindsay’s gonna be cool. She knows it. I know it. You know, she got in a little trouble, and now she’s had a little time to put her head together. She’ll be alright. We’ll pick her up again.”

And even RR himself spoke up, "She's awesome in the movie. That's what they'll see: the actress behind all that paparazzi nonsense that follows her and won't leave her alone. They'll get to see her and say, 'Oh, that's why we follow her around.'"

So, will Machete resurrect La Lohan's dead in the water career?  The troubled starlet is also slated to start filming Inferno, a biopic about Linda Lovelace in November.  A fully armed nun and a porn star?  It's gotta be better than I Know Who Killed Me, right?  


Jenny Krueger said...

I don't know if this movie will save Lindsay's career since her career was dead a long time ago. I agree that she's not the best actress and neither is Megan Fox but the reason why she gets all the jobs is certainly not because she's a great actress it's because she's bangin hott and that's the only thing Hollywood wants nowadays.

If they can get a smokin hott girl in the movie then a lot of people will see the movie cause sex sells. That's also why a lot of people saw "Jennifer's Body" because they thought she was going to be naked in it not because it was a good movie cause it wasn't it was god awful, oh well I guess lol.
P.s. great site!