Monday, August 16, 2010

Hunger (2009)

Dammit, Blockbuster got me on this damn exclusive Fangoria deal.  I can't even remember the last time I actually rented a movie from an actual brick and mortar store.  That shit is more than $5 now.  No wonder Netflix is making a killing.

Anyway, I digress.  Fangoria is releasing a bunch of movies exclusively to Blockbuster and Hunger is one of them.  I saw the previews for the rest and was meh about most of them, but I really wanted to see this one.

Hunger is the story of five people who wake up in a room, having no idea where they are. They stumble around in the darkness and realize that they have been locked in a dungeon-like space with a bunch of water but zero food.  One of the captives, Jordan, is a doctor and she quickly realizes what's up.  The average human body can only survive 30 days without food.  Conveniently enough, there appears to be a clock in the room that counts exactly 30 days.

At first, the group wonders why they are all in this together, but they soon realize that they all have something rather sinister in common.  At first, they remain a strong alliance against their captor, but as the days pass, they begin to turn on each other.  Their creepy warden watches with glee as they form little mini alliances and plot against each other in order to survive.  Additionally, we find out that there is an ultra disturbing reason that the "scientist" is keeping them locked up in this mess.

I thought this was a good movie.  It kept me interested, and it only veered out of the path of realism a few times, I felt.  The ending was sort of meh, but I don't really see where else they could have gone with it, so I'll take it.  I think this one's definitely worth checking out.  I'm not sure when Netflix will be carrying it, but Blockbuster has a whole section devoted to the Fangoria exclusives. 


Scare Sarah said...

I do hate a meh ending but it does sound interesting...

The Scream Queen said...

I guess it wasn't "meh" as much as just whatever. There was kind of nowhere else they could go with it at that point. It's definitely worth a watch, I liked it.