Sunday, August 15, 2010

House (2008)

This movie was seriously confusing.  I'm not really entirely sure what it was about.  Two couples are t
traveling separately through Alabama where they blow their tires on some old farm equipment.  In search of help, they come across a weird bed and breakfast run by Betty (Leslie Easterbrook), Stewart (Bill Moseley) and Pete (Lew Temple).  The lovebirds aren't too keen on staying there, but there's no cell service or working phones so they're sort of stuck.

During dinner, they hear some noises out front and the proprietors of this fine establishment rush to close and bolt the doors and windows.  It turns out the visitor is the "Tin Man," some sort of murderer who only goes after people who did something wrong.  So we start in with the seems like all of these people have done something bad in their lives.

From here on out, the movie just kind of loses it.  The Tin Man and the weird family chase everyone around the gigantic house, trying to kill them or make them kill each other.  There's some little creepy girl thrown into the mix and I never quite understood what her purpose was.  This movie was just boring and nonsensical.  Skip it.

*Bill Moseley appears at 24 minutes

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