Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random: Bill Moseley Movie Project

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I'm pretty freakin' obsessed with Bill Moseley.  This all started with House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects.  Then I kept seeing him in more and more movies and decided that he was a totally badass guy and worthy of my horror obsession.

I watch a lot of movies for purposes of this blog (and just because I love them)  I pick them for a variety of reasons, and some I just choose at complete random.  My favorite movies to watch and write up are random/low-budget/unheard of flicks that aren't already covered all over the internetz.  In fact, I've sort of grown to loathe box office horror and I've kind of stepped away from even covering those movies, even though I do occasionally see them, including that piece of crap that was Shutter Island.

Anyway, I digress.  I wanted some sort of goal to set for movie watching and I'm sort of past "all the Freddys" or "every single Halloween in one sitting."  So I decided to see how many movies Bill Moseley has been in.  Wow, he has been in a lot.  Including non-horror, but we're just going to stick with horror on this.  From his IMDB, I counted 21 that I haven't seen yet.  Some (i.e. Silent Night, Deadly Night 3) are not available on Netflix, or elsewhere for that matter.  So those will have to hold off for a bit.  But my goal is to watch every horror movie Bill Moseley has ever been in.  So if you see a lot of Choptop around here lately, that would be why. 

Full disclosure: my inspiration for this project is the upcoming NYC Comic Con.  I suspect the man himself may be there.  I have this ridiculous idea of being able to go up to him and say "I'm a huge fan.  I've seen all of your movies.  Literally."  But I really have to work on this approach so that it doesn't come off all Annie Wilkes ;o) 

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Sara said...

Thank you! I hated Shutter Island, seriously...waste of so much precious time.

As for Bill, yes, yes and yes!