Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Movie News: Kristen Stewart to star in "Martyrs" remake?

News like this irritates me SO MUCH.  Seriously, Kristen Stewart?  Go find another glittery vampire movie to join the cast of.  And seriously, lame Twilight producer?  Pick another movie, any movie.  Horror fans beg you.

I was saddened enough by the news that Martyrs was getting an American remake.  Some movies (*cough* I Spit on Your Grave *cough*) should not be touched and this is one of them.  No lame American remake is going to be as good as Martyrs especially not with this stupid-ass chick in it.

Apparently Wyck Godfrey, who has produced such gems as Twilight  and Dear John, got his grubby little hands on the remake rights to Martyrs and has his heart set on Kristen Stewart to star.  Hopefully this is the most depressing news I hear today. 

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